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Categories: Lettings FAQs

Except as stated below, no application fees or any other fees are payable by tenants and guarantors in respect of any tenancy. Therefore, there are no check-in fees, check-out (or ‘exit’) fees, administration fees, inventory fees, or guarantor fees payable by tenants or guarantors. In addition, no charges are payable by tenants to change a joint tenancy agreement to reflect a change of sharer should one tenant leave and be replaced by another.

However, fees may be charged for:

  • Default fees – typical examples include fees in respect of missed appointments; charges payable by a landlord arising where a landlord arranges with a tenant for a contractor to carry out remedial work at a property, and a tenant subsequently refusing entry, or not being home to allow entry; and to cover the cost of replacement keys and delivery of those keys to the tenant;
  • Damage to a property caused by neglect or careless or wilful behaviour by the tenant; and in relation to tenancies granted before 1 September 2019, fees such as check-out (or ‘exit’) fees, administration fees, inventory fees as outlined in the tenancy agreement.
  • For further details relating to fees which may apply to your tenancy, you are welcome to enquire using the contact details at Contact Us.