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The Lettings Process

A Guide To Moving Home

Once you have found a suitable property with us, all persons aged eighteen or over will be required to complete our application process. This involves a credit check; an employer’s reference and/ or verification of your income/affordability; current or previous landlord reference and verification of your ID. In some circumstances, a guarantor will be required, and they will be subject to the same application process.

Except as stated below, no application fees or any other fees are payable by tenants and guarantors in respect of any tenancy. Therefore, there are no check-in fees, check-out (or ‘exit’) fees, administration fees, inventory fees, or guarantor fees payable by tenants or guarantors. In addition, no charges are payable by tenants to change a joint tenancy agreement to reflect a change of sharer should one tenant leave and be replaced by another.

However, fees may be charged for:

  • Default fees – typical examples include fees in respect of missed appointments; charges payable by a landlord arising where a landlord arranges with a tenant for a contractor to carry out remedial work at a property, and a tenant subsequently refusing entry, or not being home to allow entry; and to cover the cost of replacement keys and delivery of those keys to the tenant;
  • Damage to a property caused by neglect or careless or wilful behaviour by the tenant; and in relation to tenancies granted before 1 September 2019, fees such as check-out (or ‘exit’) fees, administration fees, inventory fees as outlined in the tenancy agreement.
  • For further details relating to fees which may apply to your tenancy, you are welcome to enquire using the contact details at Contact Us.

We do not charge tenants, guarantors or prospective tenants or guarantors for credit checks. However, at the discretion of either the landlord or us as agent, an applicant or a guarantor may be required to obtain his or her own credit report at his or her own cost.

On receipt of an offer of a tenancy, the applicant will be required to complete and sign the tenancy agreement within 14 days and to pay a holding deposit (one week’s rent). This will go in its entirety towards the first month’s rent.

There is a right to retention to the holding deposit for failing to enter a tenancy agreement in that should a tenant choose not to enter a tenancy agreement, or fail to take reasonable steps to enter a tenancy agreement, a landlord or agent may be able to retain the holding deposit. This right to retention becomes live 48 hours after having paid the holding deposit.

Reasonable steps would include providing the information a landlord or agent would require to set up a tenancy when requested. Again, each case will be different and a landlord or agent would need to be content that a tenant was clear of what was required of them, but had

If a guarantor is required, the guarantor must sign and complete a declaration within the same time period.

The first month’s rent and the deposit must be paid at the same time as the tenancy agreement

is signed. Keys will not be released until:

  • all funds, including the deposit, having cleared; or
  • the start date of the tenancy.

Rental payment is still due for any part of the tenancy when the keys are withheld due to late clearing of the first month’s rent, deposit or bot

A Guide for Landlords

Landlord Checklist

Get permission from the mortgage lender – you may require a buy-to-let mortgage.

Get permission from head lessee or freeholder where required

You will need landlords building insurance.

Ensure you have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Note: Properties in the private rented sector will need a minimum rating of E.

In Wales, you must register and/or obtain a license with Rent Smart Wales to rent out your property. www.rentsmart.gov.wales.

Ensure the property is safe and compliant with regulations:•If there are gas appliances or gas heating at the property, you will require a valid gas safety certificate to be carried out by a Gas Safety registered engineer.

  • If the property is furnished, furnishings must comply with the Furniture & Furnishings Fire Safety Regulations
  • Ensure that any electrical installation and appliances provided are safe when the tenancy begins and in proper working order throughout the tenancy
  • Ensure there are working smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors where required
  • You have a duty to maintain the property and take reasonable steps to remove hazards

LET ONLY – If you’re taking a deposit, you must protect it in a deposit scheme and provide the tenant and anyone who paid toward the deposit with the required documentation within 30 days of receiving the deposit.

Ensure all suppliers are informed of the tenancy and provide up-to-date readings.

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